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How To Make A Video Go Viral On Youtube?

YouTube is one of the most popular video outlets in the world. Over the last couple of years, it has attracted not only millions of viewers but also content creators. There is a wide variety of content which one can view in YouTube such as lifestyle, DIY, comedy, movie trailers, and so much more. However, creating content is not that hard the tough part is getting views. You can make your video go viral if you do not forget the basics.

This is because views are the only thing that will make you get paid by YouTube. But this is tough for some creators, and some often end up giving up.

The Top Tips to Help You Make Your Video Popular

So, what do you need for your video to be seen and shared by more people, without you having to advertise? If you are looking to make your YouTube video go viral then here are a few tips which you can implement.

#1. Keyword Research.
Did you know that YouTube is the world's' second largest search engine? Also, it is the third most searched website. Then knowing these facts about the platform will help you put more importance in keyword research. As a content creator, your goal is to be at the top of the search engine. Studies estimate that 20% of users will click on the first search result.

You can only achieve this by keyword monitoring. There is some relevant tool, such as the Rank Tracker that can help. For instance, the tool will evaluate the URL which you will key in, and it automatically indicates which are needed to be deleted or added.

#2. Rename your video
When you want to upload a video on YouTube, it is likely to be coded. Therefore you need to rename your video. You can use a viral title or modifiers such as official to capture the attention of the viewers. Also, don’t forget to optimise your keyword.

#3. Don't forget about smartphone users.
More people own smartphones nowadays. Thus more individuals who will use  YouTube on their phones. Did you know that half of the views from YouTube come from cell phones?  The average time that a viewer will spend time on YouTube using either his phone or tablet is forty minutes. Therefore ensure that before you upload your video on YouTube, mobile users can access it.

#4. Keep your videos short.
One simple rule you have to follow before you upload your video is to keep it short. Viewers are likely to keep on watching a video till the end if it is short. But this doesn't mean that you constraint on time. However, if your video requires a substantial amount of time such as a tutorial then don't get into so many details. On the other hand,  you can create short clips so that once one video is done, the viewer can automatically be directed to the next one. 

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